Sunday, March 27, 2011

North Coast Pranqster

Why I tried this beer: My mother in law got me a six pack of some random beers she came across and this was one of the bottles in it. I noticed it was made by North Coast Brewery who makes Old Rasputin and Old Stock Cellar Reserve 2009 so I figured it'd be great. Well, spoiler alert! It did turn out to be great and I got it again at World of Beer UCF.

Smell: This beer smells like your typical Belgian however it has more spice to the scent.

Taste: This beer has a very balanced and delicious flavor. I would say this is probably the sweetest tasting of the Belgians I have had. Strong malt and sweet flavor with a perfect amount of hops, yeast and spice to make this beer very enjoyable. If you enjoyed the Grimbergen Blonde you will absolutely love this beer. In fact If I recommend one (Grim. Blonde or Pranqster) to a person I always recommend the other for their next beer. The citrus in the flavor of this beer sort of takes a back seat, it's still notable but not much in my opinion.

This beer receives as it deserves a completely empty glass. This is a beer I will continue to come to time and time again and will continue to recommend as I already have. This beer goes down smooth from its perfect balance and tastes great. North Coasts Pranqster takes a spot in my top favorite beers for sure. This is the 5th North Coast Brewery beer I have had and so far I have loved every single one.


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