About Jon

mmmmmm Chimay.
Favorite beer styles: Stouts, IPA, Belgian Ales, more I cant think of... 
Least favorite beer styles: Brown Ales

Traditionally a good stout was my favorite type of beer however I do like just about every type.  Ever since starting this WoB trip to 500 I have started to enjoy Belgian style ales more and more.

The first beer that I enjoyed was a Yuengling about 6 years ago ever since I have always been open to trying more and more different beers, I dont even really remember the last time I had a Yuengling.

One of my interests out side of trying different beers is watching the English Premier League, my favorite European Football team is Arsenal.(www.arsenal.comI do like NFL as well my favorite NFL team is the Indianapolis Colts.(www.colts.comFor college football my favorite team is FSU.

At home I have a lovely wife and beautiful little daughter that turned 2 in March.

I dont really know what to put here so I will leave it scattered like this for now.