Friday, April 29, 2011

Great Divide Titan IPA

Why I tried this: IPA's are one of my favorite beer types, IPAs are just one of the couple differences Jeff and I have in beer preferences.  While Jeff doesnt enjoy IPAs much I love them, especially when Im not in the mood for a heavier beer.  Great Divide has been a brewery I havent had much of an opinion on.  Ive had a few of their beers before and they were OK not good but not bad either.  While looking at the list I saw Titan IPA by them thought it was a cool name so I decided to give another Great Divide a chance.

Smell: This beer had a great scent to it.  The hops had a floral citrusy scent.  Had a sweeter scent to it as well that Ive found pretty typical of Great Divide.

Taste: This beer overall had a pretty good taste to it.  The hop flavor was not as strong as I would typically expect from an IPA.  The flavors of the sweet malts played a pretty big part in balancing out the hops a bit.  The beer gives you a great hop flavor then you start to sense the sweetness of the malts and as you arrive at the end of your sip you get a finish of some dry hops, but not really overly dry at all.  At 7.8% I really didn't taste much of the alcohol at all which is always a plus.

This beer will receive a rating of 1/4 of a glass left.  I haven't liked much of Great Divide too much but I really did enjoy their Titan IPA.  This beer had a good fresh hop flavor blended nicely with the sweet malt flavor.  If you are into either Great Divide as a brewery or IPAs in general this would probably be a good beer to try.


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Victory Whirlwind Witbier

Why I tried this: A few days prior I had received a text message from WOB UCF that they were going to have a brewery night with Victory brewery on Tuesday night. Brewery nights are exciting because you get to try beers that you may otherwise never see in your region, so of course I had to go. I was hanging out near the bar talking to Bobby a bit about football (soccer), and ordered the first Victory beer listed on tap, the Whirlwind Witbier.

Smell: Pretty typical for a wheat beer. This being a white wheat, it was a bit lighter, but still had your familiar wheats and oats scent, plus a little lingering spice.

Taste: I got a lot of very clean wheats, coupled with a bit of citrus. Not too sweet, just right. The nice thing about it was that although it seemed simple, the flavors all blended very well and were of extremely high quality. The cleanness of the beer made it very drinkable, and not in a watery adjunct kind of way. Awesome.

Overall, I'd have to give the Victory Whirlwind Witbier a quarter empty glass. This was probably one of the better white wheats I've had, which is pretty high praise coming from me, as I love any and all wheat beers. It's not a strong beer by any means, but it's quality and is simply a pleasure to drink. I'd definitely recommend this beer if you like a good hefeweizen, or especially white wheats. Wouldn't mind getting it again now and then.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stone Levitation Ale

Why I tried this: I've had a few things from Stone before, such as their Arrogant Bastard, which led to quite a few good nights. However, I hadn't had much of them at World of Beer, so I figured I'd rectify that a little by ordering the Levitation Ale. I hadn't had an amber red ale in a while, which is a style I normally enjoy, so why not?

Smell: Has a light citrus scent followed by floral hops and some moderate malt smells.

Taste: Pretty much mimics the smell. You get an initial hint of citrus that is covered up by sweet malts, eventually paving way for a bitter hoppiness that is fairly crisp and not overdone.

It's been a while since I've had a beer from Stone brewery, and I'm glad I finally came back to them. This amber ale was a decent effort, and while I don't think it's a home run, I would give it a quarter full pint glass rating. I enjoyed the balance of sweet malts and citrus transitioning into a moderately hoppy finish. If you like a good amber ale, I'd definitely recommend it. Otherwise, it'll probably be hit or miss. I may pick it up again some time.


Orlando Loyalty List top 10 @ World of Beer UCF

Another update to the world of beer website shows that as you can see Jeff M and I (Jon R) are climbing our way up the list.  Hitting 250 is just around the corner.

here is the link to the online list I took this screenshot from


Samuel Adams Summer Ale

My Canon DSLR put to good use...
Why I tried this: I have loved my good friend Samuel and most of his beers for a pretty long time now. I love picking up the samplers at each season from the store and I am always excited when I see a new Samuel Adams that I haven't had yet. Whenever I go out to a bar with a potential customer or boss I always order a Sam Adams so I look legit like in the commercial.

Smell: Summer. Scents of citrus, earthy hop scent, a relaxing refreshing scent.

Taste: The flavor starts out as a citrusy flavor that seems composed mostly of lemon and grapefruit ..mostly. There is a very good wheat flavor that is pretty subtle and very enjoyable. After you get past the citrus it has the typical hop flavor finish that I enjoy and expect with each of the Samuel Adams beers. The flavor is blended nicely and all of the flavors complement each other nicely.

This beer receives the quarter pint left rating. It is a good beer but there are plenty of other Samuel Adams beers that I enjoy much more then this one. I love trying all of the Samuel Adams beers and there are certain seasonals I always cant wait for when it gets close and unfortunately this is not one of the ones I will impatiently be waiting for. This beer is still very good but, Ive had better from Mr. Adams, and there are plenty of others I cant wait for.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Erie Presque Isle Pilsner

Why I tried this: It was just another day at the office...err, World of Beer. I was just looking for something new on tap that wouldn't kill me. I'd had a few beers from Erie before, and having been unimpressed with what I've tried thus far, I initially skipped over this beer. However, my choices on the draft list were getting slim, and a pilsner sounded like just the thing for me, so I went with this beer.

Smell: I didn't really get much from this beer. Had a slight earthy hop, but only very slightly. Perhaps a bit of a bready, yeasty smell.

Taste: Not much here either. You get a slight bitterness from hops, and a certain dryness that is probably one of the few pleasing qualities of this beer. There is a slight spic
e towards the end, but overall not a strong flavor, and what's there doesn't hold when it all finally goes down.

I think it's pretty fair to say this beer will only get a half glass award from me. It's a pretty forgettable beer that lacks a good scent and doesn't have much going on in the taste department either. It's not a very crisp or clean pilsner, and was honestly just too hard to figure out what they were trying to do with this beer. I did like the dryness of the beer, and that it was fairly easy to drink, but that's about it. A good pilsner should be clean, crisp, and have lots of good flavors blended together. This does not. I won't be trying this beer again, and don't recommend it.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bell's Hopslam Firkin Cask

Why I tried this: It was Bell's night at World of Beer, and I was determined to try some fresh Bell's beer on tap. The Hopslam Firkin was actually one of the beers I had earlier in the night. I was originally drinking a Double Cream Stout when Logan stopped me and told me I was crazy if I didn't try the firkin. Apparently they had very limited quantity and it would be gone very soon, if not already. Kyle agreed, so I made it my next beer. Logan was being a jerkface and wouldn't give me two beers at once so unfortunately, that meant I had to slam the stout, so I won't have a proper review for it haha. This will probably be the last Bell's review I'll be doing for the time being.

Smell: I got a really pleasant floral hop scent that had a bit of bananas and lots of citrus, notably orange, mixed in. There were other faint sweet smells as well.

Taste: It sort of comes in two waves. The first wave you can taste some lightly sweet malts and more citrus/orange. However, once you get paste the initial sweetness, in comes the bitterness. The hops start to take over, and boy do they take over huge. You are left with a very bitter and hoppy taste in your mouth. I don't know if it was the firkin cask or what, as normally I really despise this, but I actually somewhat enjoyed the finish.

Overall, I'd probably give this beer a quarter pint glass. I normally don't like hoppy beers at all, and maybe it was the firkin cask doing something different, but I definitely enjoyed this beer. At 10%, it was fairly strong, but I couldn't taste the alcohol. There was just too much flavor there. The sweet smell and initial taste was a nice surprise, as in an IPA for me that is usually drowned out by bitter hops, but the hops let the other tastes come through first before they made their presence known. Very hoppy in the finish, but overall enjoyable. If you like IPAs, this is probably a must have.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekly Beers Update 4/25/11

Hey guys, just wanted to do a quick shoutout for our beers of the week. We've got the St. Peter's Old Style Porter and Summit Winter Ale up right now. As always, check back every week for our next recommendations, as we don't always make a post about this!

Summit Winter Ale

Why I tried this: Once again, this is another beer that Jackie gave me. I was pretty happy to see it since typically I am a fan of winter ales, especially the Sam Adams one. When the bottle opened I could not wait to try Summit's version.

Smell: Caramel and a slight roasted malt scent. A pleasant smell.

Taste: Floral and earthy hop flavor as I would typically expect. The hops are not at all overpowering and make this beer very pleasant to drink. There is a slight roasted caramel malt flavor that blends together nicely with the hops. There is a slight spice flavor but this beer is a very smooth easy drinker. I wouldn't mind one of these at all right now.

This beer receives a quarter filled pint rating. I did enjoy this beer very much and it was very smooth however this beer is not something that I would go out of my way to look for. If I saw it on a menu I would possibly order it depending on what else was on the menu. At a place like World of Beer I probably wouldn't get this again but somewhere with only 10-15 beers I'm sure I absolutely would. Its smooth delicious flavor is what earns it a quarter pint left. A great winter ale for sure.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Bell's Expedition Stout

Why I tried this: It was Bell's night, and up next was the Expedition Stout. Previously, I had written about the Bell's Consecrator. I think this stout chronologically came right before the Consecrator and was the primary reason why I started to get pretty drunk. Thanks Kyle and Logan. Anyway, this is just the next in a series of Bell's beers I'll be covering from that night.

Smell: It has a very roasted, malty scent, with a good mix of chocolate. You can easily smell the high alcohol content of this beer.

Taste: I pretty much got the same thing I smelled. It had a very dark roasted malt flavor to it, with a fair amount of chocolate to balance it all out with sweetness, but there was a strong taste of alcohol that burned the tongue a bit. I don't believe Bell made much attempt to hide how strong this beer was. Definitely an imperial stout.

At 10.5%, this imperial stout was definitely a kick to the teeth. It was also the main cause of my downward spiral of the night. However, despite the harshness of the alcohol, what was there was very good and balanced. I always enjoy a good stout. However, I don't know if I would order this again. It was a sipper for sure. With that said, I'd probably give this beer a quarter full glass. If you're an imperial stout fan, give this one a try. You may be surprised.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Terrapin Sunray Wheat Beer

Why I got this: This beer was suggested to me by one of my favorite bartenders, Jackie. She typically recommends good beers to me so I went with it. On a side note Jackie also needs to shotgun a beer with Derrick and I again. I'm not exactly sure how to spell Derrick, Derek, or whatever so he's going to have to get over it.

Smell: Well I made the mistake of not smelling this beer before tasting it. Going in for the second sniff... This beer has a grainy, sweet smell, like a Belgian ale.

Taste: When I first started drinking this beer I absolutely did not expect at all a Belgian flavor. This beer tastes like a classic grainy Belgian beer. The flavor is a very very grainy malty bread flavor. The finish of this beer beyond the malts is somewhat sweet and sugary. This beer's title made me expect something a bit different going into it. The classic Belgian ale flavor and bite was a bit of a surprise to me but hey, what do I know.

This beer receives a quarter glass remaining. I was delightfully surprised by the flavor of this beer. This is a very good beer from Terrapin and I have loved many of their recent beers that I have had. While I enjoyed this beer very much there are plenty of beers I would rather have. If you are looking for a beer with the described flavors above that you haven't had this may be a good recommendation.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bell's Consecrator Doppelbock

Why I tried this: It was Bell's night at World of Beer. Every once in a while they have a brewer's night where they hook up a handful of beers from a craft brewery on tap, and have neat swag and stuff going on. This was such a night. Although this wasn't the first Bell's beer I had that night, this will be the first one I will review, as it was probably my favorite, that I could remember.

Smell: I was able to detect a lot of malts and a caramel sweetness in the scent of this beer.

Taste: Malty and sweet, likely due to the caramel. It also has a slight fruitiness to it as well, but I couldn't discern exactly what was in it. Overall, the taste is pretty well balanced and almost a bit mild.

Overall, I'd give this beer an empty glass award. It was a hard decision, because I actually wanted almost a little stronger of a flavor, but then I realized this is made up for in the smoothness of the beer, which in turn makes it more drinkable. I think that's a fair trade considering the great taste and smell. Definitely give this beer a try if you can find it.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

St. Peter's Old Style Porter

Why I tried this: Was talking with someone at the bar at WOB (sorry I forgot your name, I was fairly drunk!) and he recommended me to try anything from St. Peter's brewery. We were discussing it with the bartenders and they suggested I try the Old Style Porter. Sorry for the poor lightning picture, but you get the idea. It's a porter.

Smell: Mostly of roasted malts and a slight bit of coffee. Very pleasant, and better than your average porter.

Taste: The first thing I noticed about this beer while tasting it was how creamy and smooth it was. There was a definite strong roasted malt flavor, combined with coffee, or perhaps even toffee, as there was a slight sweetness to it which was really nice. Highly enjoyable all the way down.

Overall, I'm going to give St. Peter's Old Style Porter an empty pint glass award. This was one damn smooth porter. Normally you get an overpowered roasted malt and coffee flavor from your porters, but not this one. The flavor is strong, but extremely well balanced. I really liked the slight sweetness, which really helped said balance. I'd recommend this beer to anyone that likes a dark beer.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Terrapin Hop Karma Brown IPA

Why I got this: I have enjoyed a few of the Terrapin beers from this brewery so when I saw this beer I figured it would absolutely be worth trying. I like IPAs but am not a huge fan of brown ales, and I have no idea what a brown IPA is, so here we go.

Smell: Malty scent with a crisp hop flavor. This beer has a pretty pleasant scent to it.

Taste: Right up front I got a crisp fresh hop flavor that was very pleasant. In my opinion the hop flavor of this beer is not overpowering at all, they are smooth and very consistent. After an enjoyable brief encounter with the hops, this beer slides in to the smooth malt flavors. The caramel malt flavors are fairly mild and there is a "toasty" flavor you can sense with the malts. Once you swallow the sip of beer you are left with a mild taste of the crisp hops.

Overall I would give this beer a quarter pint remaining. This beer was great and I really liked it, but it's not in my top favorites. I have gotten this beer several times when I went out to other bars and even recommend it to people that I think would enjoy it. I look forward to trying some more of the Terrapin beers at World of Beer UCF, they seem like a great brewery that makes some fantastic brews.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hofbrau Hefeweizen

Why I tried this: We were watching the Manchester United v Chelsea game for the UEFA Champions league at World of Beer UCF with Jerry, one of the owners. Manchested United won, so we needed a victory beer. A 22oz of Hofbrau it was.

Smell: Mostly of wheats and grains, with a little bit of lemon. Very fresh smelling, and quite nice.

Taste: About the same as the
smell. It had an earthy flavor to it, on top of a bit of lemon and some mild sweetness I couldn't place. The beer was very crisp and refreshing.

Overall, I'd give this beer a quarter full glass. It was a good hefeweizen, but there really isn't too much to say about it. It has your usual wheat and earthy taste/smell to it, with a hint of lemon and a sweetness to balance out. It was drinkable, but not overly flavorful. If you are looking for something a bit stronger or more complex, this might not do it for you. Otherwise, would recommend.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Red Brick 16th Anniversary

Why I tried this: I was sitting outside at World of Beer UCF watching a Manchester United game, and Panda ninja appeared and asked what I'd like to drink. I wasn't prepared to answer that yet, so I had her get me something, and Red Brick 16th Anniversary is what came out. I've had Red Brick before, specifically their #'s Ale, which I enjoyed, so I was pretty hopeful with this one.

Smell: Had a light scent of vanilla with some moderate maltiness, and a hint of bourbon. I could tell this was going to be a strong beer.

Taste: Damn. That's some complex stuff in there. This beer definitely spent some time making love to a bourbon cask, as it soaked in quite a bit of bourbon flavor. This is balanced out by a sweetness that tastes like caramel, plus some earthly malts. There is no noticeable hop at all.

Overall, I'd give this beer a quarter full glass award. This slightly copper colored brown ale was very special. The bourbon flavor was fairly unique, and there were lots of flavors crafted into this beer that made it quite fun to drink. However, it was highly alcoholic at 11%, which made this one a sipper. I wouldn't mind getting it from time to time. Recommended! Thanks Panda!


Victory Donnybrook Stout

Why I tried this: What's this?!?! A new stout on tap that I haven't had yet?! This is fantastic. In this long journey to champion 500 beers, sometimes it's hard when your options are dwindling for a favorite beer type. Stouts are one of my favorite types and it's been hard lately for me to find one I haven't had yet. Whenever a new stout goes on tap at World of Beer UCF, it's pretty much an early Christmas present, or in this case early easter egg I guess.

Smell: Roasted malt/coffee flavor. Not very strong. There was another scent there too that would probably be best described as the smell when it's about to rain.

Taste: This beer was probably one of the oddest tasting stouts I have ever had. When you take your sip the first flavor you get is pretty watery. The water flavor isn't soft or bad, it's crisp like a good bottle of water. The difference in the water flavor is like the difference you would notice drinking Fiji water over bottled drinking water at the grocery store. It's a bit more crisp and refreshing. If you don't agree with me nobody cares what you think, you're wrong. Anyway, the beer flavor is odd because the best way to describe it is a watered down stout, that sounds a lot worse then it tastes in this beer's case. The crisp watered down flavor is pretty refreshing but all of the malty flavors and roast flavors you would expect take the back seat, a far back away seat, like in the back of a limo.

Im giving this beer a ranking of a half full beer glass. While this beer's watery flavor made it fairly refreshing and crisp, thats not what I want when I order a stout. I would possibly get this beer again but only in very specific circumstances. It has a pretty good flavor, it's not a beer that I had to force down or anything, in fact the watery flavor made it a quick easy drink. I would probably only suggest this beer to someone that told me they would like to drink a stout but the roasted malt flavors are too strong for them.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Paulaner Hefeweizen

Why I tried this: Josh from World of Beer recommended I try this since it wasn't already on my list, and it was supposed to be a pretty good hefeweizen. Sign me up.

Smell: Had your typical wheat scent, with a hint of clove spices, and something sweet I couldn't pick up. Very nice.

Taste: The first thing you get is an immediate taste of banana, followed up with barley wheat and a slight spice. The sweetness of the banana lingers all the way down, and the beer is just supremely creamy and smooth.

For a pretty attainable beer, I was expecting a more watered down and mainstream flavor. Instead, what I got was a top notch hefeweizen that failed to disappoint. The smell is quality, and the taste simply delicious. The banana and wheat mix very well, providing a strong taste in a creamy, smooth beer. Overall, this beer gets an empty glass award. Highly recommended!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

last day of Starr Hill BoGo @ Publix

Today is the last day at Publix that you can get 6 packs of Starr Hill buy one get one free.  Starr Hill brewery make some pretty good beers including one that we have reviewed Starr Hill The Love.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Top 10 Loyalty list @ World of Beer UCF

newest update over @ World of Beer UCF puts both Jeff and I cruising up the top 10 list.

I see how it is WoB spell out Jeffs last name, Mailhot, but not mine, Rutishauser. :D

Jon and Jeff cruising up the top ten!

updated World of Beer UCF loyalty lists

Jon (left) and Jeff (right) with the newest printouts!

Magic Hat Circus Boy

Why I tried this: It was a nice day and lunch time was looming. Instead of making some food we thought it would be a better idea to go to World of Beer for a liquid lunch. While at the bar, I asked Josh what hefeweizen I should get. He recommended Magic Hat Circus Boy. I hadn't had it yet, and I really enjoyed Magic Hat #9, so I went with it.

Smell: It has a light spice note with a hint of lemon. Not a very strong wheat smell, which I thought was unusual.

Taste: Pretty damn good! You get a medium bodied flavor of lemon, orange citrus, and a slight spice hop, with a moderate amount of wheat. This beer was really crisp, probably due to the light hops, and went down very smoothly. All in all a great taste.

Overall, I'd have to give this beer an empty glass. This was a hefeweizen that didn't scream "Look at me, I'm a wheat beer!" but was nonetheless a very good beer of the style. This is the third beer I've had from Magic Hat, all three having been very enjoyable. I'm definitely starting to like this brewery. If this were on tap, I wouldn't hesitate to order it, and I think along with offerings from Sea Dog, this Circus Boy will be one of my go to hefeweizens in the future. Highly recommend!


Monday, April 11, 2011

Sea Dog Apricot Wheat

Why I tried this: It was a 25% off loyalty Tuesday and I was browsing the bottle menu. This was still during my hefeweizen binge, so I was looking for another good beer and came across Sea Dog. I had really enjoyed their Bluepaw and was pretty excited to see another beer by the brewery that I hadn't had yet, so I went for it.

Smell: Not too much here, just a note of apricot and wheat. Simple enough, but pleasing to the nose.

Taste: Incredible. I might actually like this one more than the Bluepaw, although I really wish it were on draft to make that comparison. You get nice wheat notes and a fairly good blast of apricot flavor. It's not overpowering, and it's not too sweet. It's just damned good. The beer is pretty crisp and goes down very easy.

It looks like Sea Dog has another winner on their hands. This is the second beer I've had from them, both hefeweizens, and both have been fantastic. With a light smell, but a great taste, I can easily say this is one of my favorite hefeweizens, and would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a good beer. Hope I see it on draft soon. This beer gets an empty glass award.


Beered up at World of Beer UCF w/ Edwin

On another trip to World of beer UCF I bumped into one of the bartenders, Edwin, out of his class A World of Beer uniform. We ended up hanging out and enjoying some awesome beer.

Later on in the night after alcohol impaired my judgement, Edwin lied to me and told me a beer was only 5.5% so I ordered it and was told it was 11% ..what a nice guy. His side of the story is that he was talking about the next beer but everyone should know that's just a lie. I guess I can't hold it against him too much for all the good beers he's recommended to me.

Jon (me) and Edwin


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Football @ World of Beer UCF

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I don't plan on doing a word count to find out, but this picture is pretty awesome. From left to right is Scott, Jeff, The Most Interesting Man in the World, and Jerry, the owner of World of Beer UCF.

We formally met Jerry today while coming to WoB early to watch the Manchester United v Fulham EPL match. You may have guessed by the smiles and sillyness that Manchester United won the game handily, and that we're all fans. I don't know why there was a cardboard cut out of the Dos Equis guy, but it was hilarious and I'm glad he came down for a photo op.

We had a handful of beers and talked to Jerry for quite some time. He's a really cool guy, and I'm really glad he's a Manchester United fan, because I feel like I'm outnumbered by gunners here haha. Really hoping to see Jerry around more often, and I'm definitely hoping we can keep coming early Saturday to watch the games. It's definitely a great atmosphere to watch a good match in, so I'd say anyone who likes football/soccer that reads this, come out with us next time! There's also apparently a great breakfast place next door, so there's more incentive for you!


Friday, April 8, 2011

Black Sheep Ale

Why I tried this: I'm going to be honest with you here. I was pretty damn drunk. I don't even remember ordering this beer, so honestly couldn't tell you why I tried it. Maybe it was the sheep on the bottle that allured me. Your guess is as good as mine.

Smell: A bit of wheat maltiness, but overall very light on the smell. Doesn't really give away too much.

Taste: It's like half malty, half hoppy. The hops are fairly bitter, as a pale ale should be. But, the malt kind of cancels some of the bitterness out, and provides a mild sweetness. I detected a faint citrus in there, but then again I was drunk, so I'm not entirely sure...

Despite not remembering much from that point on in the night, I do remember that Black Sheep Ale was a decent English pale ale that was fairly drinkable and not overly hoppy. It had a bit of sweet flavors mixed in to keep things balanced, which is what I liked the most. If you're a pale ale fan, I'd recommend checking this one out once. It gets a quarter full glass award from me.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bell's Kalamazoo Stout

im an artist, what an artsy picture

Why I tried this:
I wanted a stout. I had been avoiding this beer for a while because apparently it's brewed with licorice and I hate licorice. Yah, on a side note that means I hate Jager too, that stuff is the worst. Anyway, a few beers later and eventually my desire for a stout outweighed my hatred for licorice.

Smell: Coffee and chocolate scent with a slight roasted scent.

Taste: Before I took that first sip, I was a bit concerned. I blankly stared at the bottle for a while because of how much I really hate licorice. After some hesitation and thoughts of regret I decided to go for it and tackle the beast. As I flinched expecting a licorice beat down the flavor opened and it was very pleasant. The roasted flavor is noticeable and strong but is balanced very well by the other flavors of this stout. The chocolate and coffee malt flavors are superbly blended, there is also a syrupy sweetness to this beer as well. I didn't really notice any licorice flavor or maybe I just didn't mind it because of how blended in it was, either way it made me pretty happy.

After completing this beer and loving every drop this beer gets an empty glass rating. The flavors were great together and this beer was a very enjoyable smooth drink. This is a beer I would absolutely get again and again and like it every time. If you don't like licorice don't let that stop you from getting this beer. If you do like licorice, what's wrong with you? It's terrible. In that case you'll love this beer, especially since you can stomach and enjoy licorice.