Thursday, April 14, 2011

Paulaner Hefeweizen

Why I tried this: Josh from World of Beer recommended I try this since it wasn't already on my list, and it was supposed to be a pretty good hefeweizen. Sign me up.

Smell: Had your typical wheat scent, with a hint of clove spices, and something sweet I couldn't pick up. Very nice.

Taste: The first thing you get is an immediate taste of banana, followed up with barley wheat and a slight spice. The sweetness of the banana lingers all the way down, and the beer is just supremely creamy and smooth.

For a pretty attainable beer, I was expecting a more watered down and mainstream flavor. Instead, what I got was a top notch hefeweizen that failed to disappoint. The smell is quality, and the taste simply delicious. The banana and wheat mix very well, providing a strong taste in a creamy, smooth beer. Overall, this beer gets an empty glass award. Highly recommended!


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